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iSEHATI Pro app helps you communicate all the details your Providers need to ensure your clients are always getting the care they need and deserve

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Get your Provider Started Quickly

iSEHATI Pro is so easy to use and intuitive that your Providers won’t need in-person training and coaching. Yet, in-App tutorial help is available for further know-how to use the features in App to deliver their tasks.

Keep your providers informed and connected
Keep your providers informed and connected

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Be informed

See your upcoming appointments. review the client’s details and contacts, use our Google Maps integration to reach to Client’s address.

Be prepared

Review your Client medical history before your visit. Read through progress notes to see how Client progressing towards set health goals.

Stay connected

Once you’re at the client’s house, simply press “arrived” action which allows your office to know progress of your visit without the need to call.

Care for your Client

Complete your visit notes on site or on the way to your next visit for the next Provider to review or something your admin team should know.

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Keep your providers informed and connected

Frequently Asked Questions

iSEHATI Pro is not available for sale separately. It is a feature facility bundled in specified subscription plans. Please check availability in the plans and features of the pricing page of this website.

No registration is enabled in this App. To login and use this App, Provider must already be added to the main iSEHATI platform by the organization Admin.

This App is not available for White Label.